fredag 4 mars 2011

for timetravellers

My long time motto has always been along the lines of "the only limitations are the ones that we put up ourselves".

I was cleaning my room earlier this week and found an old notebook from when I was around 13 or 14 years old..
 I used to write a lot more than I do nowadays, mostly because my inspiration back then was far wider than it has been in many years, and while most if it was the nonsense of a lost teenage girl who thought that she understood the world better than anyone else(it wasn't that bad xD), there was some notes that still ring out to me.
Something that still is highly rated in my book.

It's a bad spell, saying that something is impossible, saying that I can't do anything.
But in the world I grew up in, there wasn't really anything or anyone that told me otherwise.
My psyche might be strong in some ways, I don't let things affect me deeply, because I know that with time the wounds will sting less.
I keep stuffing my backpack with the experiences from yesterday and today, so that I can bring it with me into tomorrow.
To begin a new chapter, to end an old one, it isn't always easy. But what we chose to bring with us into the future, is what shapes us into what we are, what we become.

But there might be times when I strongly disagree with what I've written in the past, and it goes without saying, that I am that lost little girl who tries to justify her actions more often than not.
I've changed in so many ways, and in equally many, I haven't.

I watched an old episode of my favorite television drama last night, and the lines of one of the characters was in so many ways the same...It felt like it could've come straight from my heart.
Which of course only made me love CM even more. ;)

I wonder where my values and opinions might point at in 10 years.

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